A new season has begun

Posted on Fri January 1, 2021.

We can be changed by what happens to us! But we refuse to be reduced by it! - Maya Angelo

With 2020 behind is, we look forward to a new year, the dawn of a new era, and a new season.

Welcome, to THE ERONGO WILD!

To our esteemed Guests and Partners in Industry!

John Burroughs once said “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

With that in mind we would like to welcome you back to THE ERONGO WILD - nature in its purest form. A place of vast open spaces where you are invited to join us as a family, as we gently navigate this new course of life - moving at a leisurely pace, yet confidently - into the future.

2020 has been a year of hard-hitting and heart-breaking realities. Covid-19 has brought us back to the basics. And yet, even under the worst of circumstances - we are all capable of embracing change and believing in new beginnings. Change means letting go and making space for the new. For us this choice resulted in a decision to take back the reigns of The Erongo Wild after our tenants terminated their lease agreement (joint media statement available).

As a family, we decided to get back to our core, to review the incredible and captivating gift we have been given, and to stand together to make this gift, The Erongo Wild, accessible to everyone in need of rest, relaxation, adventure and inspiration…

We are excited to welcome you, our most valued guests and clients, to celebrate the ability to overcome and the strength that exists in every single one of us.

The Erongo Wild offers ten luxurious tented chalets and a self-catering unit with two rooms (only available mid-2021), built on stilts among the towering granite boulders of the Erongo Mountain hills. Surrounded by open and vast spaces you will find rest for your soul.

Our restaurant is set on top of a hill, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape whilst at the same time tantalizing your senses with awe-inspiring refreshments and locally-harvested cuisine.

For those who yearn for nature in its purest untarnished form, we are starting development of exclusive camping sites each within its own magical space amidst a pristine and uniquely Namibian landscape - where soon we will be providing you with ample breathing space to simply BE.

As a family, we acknowledge our Namibian heritage that is deeply rooted in community support and overcoming hardships TOGETHER. Our Lodge has been reborn with keeping to Namibians, and supporting local as far as what we possibly can.

With Namibia, for Namibia has also inspired us to initiate and embark on a new “Project 2020”, a community-involved farming project which will include vegetables, herbs, beef, hog & poultry, all set to support families in becoming self-sufficient. All our delicious harvests will ultimately be served in our restaurant and be locally available.

At The Erongo Wild, we welcome you to our family, and we will do our utmost to ensure that your stay is not only memorable, but we hope to inspire in you a sense of wonder and a firm belief that within you lies a power to overcome … and to dream again.

We look forward to hosting you at THE ERONGO WILD, and sharing our journey with you.

Warm Regards,

The Erongo Wild Family

NB! Postscript Note:
Should you have had a booking at our property, but due to the circumstances and changes you have had to experience an alteration, please note that you are more than welcome to move your booking and re-confirm with our booking office where we try our utmost to accommodate you at all times!